Our iBooks...

Coming to iTunes Very Soon!

The Spellbook

This is our "hub" iBook, that brings together all three. It is inspired by our wizard coven, and is the place through which you enter

our dynamic world!


When released, this will be

totally FREE and will include an integrated musical soundtrack!

Spark the Flying Frog

This iBook explains how it all starts, with the adorable baby

Spark the Flying Frog! When released, this will cost only around $3.00.

The Legend of the Lost Rose

This is our grand epic heartwarming story of how an artistic frog, who does not know any magic, saves a dying world! When released, this will cost only around $10.00.

What makes Pazzaria Productions' iBooks unique is that all three, together, is truly an adventure. Within each work are full, touch screen animations. When you tap repeatedly, the animation advances.


As well, generously, within each work, are pieces of merchandise, that are shipped to the home, that either advances the plot of a character, and/or is an integral part of your adventure within our world.


There are many more surprises contained within our magical iBooks! Enjoy all three today!